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Re: problems with this car

From: Dave Stragand
Date: 13 Jan 2003
Time: 13:00:36



1) Non-gullwing doors on 'normal cars' also leak if the seal is incorrectly installed.

2) Any crash, in any car, could possibly trap the driver; it all depends on how you are hit. If you're worried about being upside-down... rollovers account for less than 3% of all auto accidents. Trust me -- if your D flips over those side windows will blow out just like in a normal car. Side glass is relatively fragile and won't stand up as the car rolls onto its roof.

3) The engine doesn't really have anything to do with a car's handling... it's the suspension. The suspension in a D is designed by Lotus, and is very similar in design to the Lotus Esprit! The D's handling really -is- quite good.

4)  DeLorean  =)

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