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Buying a DeLorean In General:

From: Mike
Date: 22 Oct 2002
Time: 15:56:25


Hi Guys, Ive been following Project Vixen for a while, ever since it started a few years back, and since around the same time I have been really trying to hunt down a DeLorean that is to my Mechanical and Cosmetic standards. I have seen numerous "low mileage" DeLorean pass through ebay numerous times, and on every one I have been dissatisfied with the overall appearance, and mechanical flaws that seem evidently clear in the pics. There was one exception, a guy in Mass. was selling a DeLorean with 15,xxx miles one or two years ago, but it wound up going for 18,000. Which I thought at the time was a steal - it was in brand new condition. Then engine cover looked solid clean black. The engine was immaculate, and so was the interior. I was going to purchase this DeLorean, but it had not been updated with the necessary upgrades that every DeLorean needs, which comes out to about 7,500 to 10,000, bringing the total to 25,500 to 28,000. Which I would consider reasonable for a pristine daily driver DeLorean. But then I got to thinking some more.... what if I wanted the Stage I performance increase? What if I wanted to have this, that and all the above done? It would most likely shoot the price up to 32,00 to 35,000. And that is serious money. That is when 5 realized that to get the best daily driver DeLorean in pristine condition for that type of money I may as well buy a completely refurbished DeLorean that is loaded with a killer sound system, has lowered suspension, xenon lights, all the bells and whistles around with brand new interior for 44,xxx. I know this is a huge amount of money, and frankly I do not have that much now to blow on any car, or even in the bank. But, I feel it is the only "real" alternative. Michael

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