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Legal workaround to Cars a Kin in Vin

From: YoSePpI
Date: 18 Oct 2002
Time: 11:01:53


Just do what Volkswagen nuts for the new-old beetle do. They still make beeltes in Mexico in the same form that the US did in 1969, but we cannot import them here because of emissions & safety, but they take a small piece, (really, really small) from a dilapidated bug in the US and then transfer the vin plates to the newly made beelte and just take it to be titled legally as a 1969 beetle that was restored using modern parts, the only way to do that with the beetles is to pay this one company that can get their hands on them and do the minor conversion to make it into a legal US car. With the several scarp Deloreans we have all seen & known of there would be no reason that wouldn't work for you and you would just half to have the title of the scrapped one put in your name, and when the almighty mail-order Delorean was done, you would be ready to go with a clean title. Hope that helped, sorry for length Yoseppi

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