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Re: Just how many twin turbos are there anyway?

From: Mark
Email: mark(at)
Date: 10 Oct 2002
Time: 17:47:52


Legend went out of business around the same time DMC did. Supposedly DMC owed them enough money from the turbo project that it took them under too. I don't know that anyone really knows how many Legend turbo cars there are. You might want to get in touch with James Espey with DMC-Houston. He has been collecting and correllating paperwork from the original DMC for a long time in an effort to get correct numbers and specs on all the cars that were produced. I do know that I always heard that there were two cars. 501 and 502, although the accuracy of the 501 VIN number may be in doubt. And I know of two motors not in cars. One is owned by Ed at DeLorean One, the other by Marc Levy. Marc has posted to the DML about it and you may find more info by searching the archives on his name and turbo.

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