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Re: 2 Delorean QuestionS

From: DMC_Wannabe
Date: 09 Feb 2002
Time: 07:44:01


Mike, For the first question: The DMC-12 actually had 3 locations for the ant.. The first being in the windshield (worked crappy but highly sought after). The secong was a fixed mass in the pass. front fender (not very sought after). The third was a power (up & down) in the rear vent behind the quarter glass on the drivers side. On your second question, there are a lot of reasons. The biggest 3 are: 1.Factory error. The company made quite a few mistakes. 2. The owner wanted a "clean" look and removed it (Walter). 3. Age. As the plastic gets older it becomes brittle and breaks. Hope this helps. DMC_Wannabe

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