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RE: Not much new...

From: Kitfox
Date: 19 Jan 2002
Time: 23:23:34


Ah, well, after researching a bit more I have come to the understanding that the doors can actually be fixed, but the process itself is slow and tedius (spelling). The problem with stainless is that it requires so much more attention because unlike its counterpart, auto grade iron, it is brittle and easy to break. Don't worry though, after spending several months in waiting, I've come to know how it is waiting for a part that just never seems to come in. I'm waiting to get a Ford Bronco II out of the shop, and the case there is, every time our mechanic orders them, it takes several months at a time to get the parts he needs and sometimes he doesn't get all of the parts he ordered. three small dents in the door eh? hmm, I wonder if its going to be like the waiting period you're experiencing when I replace the fender, hood, and bumper on the truck.. : p While I'm here, does anyone know where I can find a pump for air shocks to an 89 Subaru XT\GL? I can't find any online or in nearby places.

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