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Building a car too!

From: Jed118
Date: 11 Jan 2002
Time: 02:10:09


First I will say: You seem to be the most patient man I know (I would have already broken several parts from anger...) and second, now you've got me wanting a D also. (I have a pic of me in one when I was in florida, some car museum. All I remember is that it was automatic. I must have been 11...) I am currently rebuilding a 1984 Hyundai Pony (OK stop laughing now... the same guy that designed the Delaorean also designed the Pony) and your site has inspired me to take it further by paying more attention to the details. I love this car much like you love the Delorean, but after i'm done with the Pony, i'm going to look for a D (I;ve seen a purple one up here in Canada at night about 2 years ago.) Hopefully it will not be as dissassembled as yours (Did you end up putting the alt. back together?) because I have limited space to work on it (I live in an apartament, my work is done on my girlfriend's drive way) Anyways, good luck and hope you get to expereince the entire shift range of the vehicle soon!!

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