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Re: Not much new

From: Kitfox
Date: 13 Dec 2001
Time: 14:18:54


yeah, you're right, I forgot about how strong 320 stainless is, it'd take a pretty mean hammer plus alot of heat. I've wanted to do what you're doing, building your own from parts, just for hobby, but I'm junking that idea until I can actually find one : p My father seems to think 1) you should just pull the panels and throw them away, 2) make a hole and fill it in with fiberglass, 3) you could try and remove the dents but you'll be doing even more damage.. I remember reading about the dry ice trick in your site somewhere, but from what I can tell, because it has different properties, thats impossible anyway : p, it's starting to look more and more like new doors for you bud, sorry to say : )

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