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Re: How come I can't find deals like that? :(

From: Robert Rooney
Date: 06 Nov 2001
Time: 05:17:44


Sometimes the best way to find project cars is to drop a name in the right place. Usually this would be in an auto parts store. You'd be surprised what the guys behind the counter know about local cars. Also try junkyards. I scavenged DeLorean Parts there as well. Missed the whole car though. It was snached before I got there. Another thing is to drive by houses to see if they do have any cars parked around. Usually the best place to look is an older, middle class neighborhood. These are full of project cars that never get finished. You will be surprised by what you can find. I've seen Nash's, Porches, MG's, and even a Bricklin. I did find a DeLorean, but the owner wasn't willing to sell. :( Hopefully he'll change his mind one day...

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