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Re: Inside and out of a DeLorean

From: Tom Cordea
Date: 20 Sep 2001
Time: 09:43:35


Interesting...I am the Engineer in charge of the investigation into stainless' performance relative to galvanic corrosion (using the DeLorean as a source of information). Not sure if I am reading you correctly but, you appear to say that even though the stainless and carbon steel may not be in direct contact, there is still accelerated corrosion occuring to the carbon steel using moisture that is present in the air as the carrier...I don't believe this to be significant in terms of the corrosion you may have observed. The pieces must be in direct contact to have any discernable attack take place. Simply having stainless on the vehicle would not, in general, cause all areas of carbon steel (or any other material that is anodic to the stainless) to corrode more quickly. Also, another factor in galvanic corrosion is the relative size of the anode to cathode...this can make all the difference in terms of the extent of corrosion. Are pictures available of the car showing the corrosion areas ? As you may know, we are interested in marketing stainless steel in automotive applications and are attempting to gather the limited "real world" corrosion data that exists. Thanks!

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