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Re: Inside and out of a DeLorean

From: rick Gendreau
Date: 13 Aug 2001
Time: 12:07:01


I've taken my Delorean apart, and can run my mouth a bit about this. There is a braided wire that connects one of the front fenders to the frame. There may be others I'm forgetting about. The mild steel spider in the roof of the car is connected to the stainless steel doors, and therefore the rest of the car, by the torsion bars. This spider is subject to corrosion, but would be very hard to replace. The hood hinges are mild steel. The hood frame is mild steel, also. Corrosion in the Delorean is not limited to those places where the stainless steel directly contacts the mild steel. Since only very small electric currents are required to cause corrosion, a little humidity is all that is needed for all of the stainless parts to be electrically coupled to the mild steel parts. My Delorean had the misfortune of having belonged to someone who lived in an ocean city, where the salty air, and parking on grass, may have accelerated corrosion. Places where I found significant corrosion: frame in area of steering rack, frame under engine, all suspension components, light bezel, front grill, collapsible steering column, hand brake and cabling, all steel screws and bolts, spring inside coolant hose. It is my opinion that the stainless steel body panels accelerate the destruction of the regular steel parts, but what are you going to do? We all love our cars!

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