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Re: fuel distributor

From: Jim Witherspoon
Date: 08 Aug 2001
Time: 21:49:13


Just bought a car that sat for 9 yrs and the prev owner disassembled the distributor and ended up with a leak at the diaphragm . Prices for replacements are high. So I'm rebuilding mine. Spoke to a Bosch specialist and he said that Bosch will not say what they used as a sealant but that it appears to be a special type of anaerobic paint. I used Permatex 518 Anaerobic gasket maker applied so thin that it could barely be seen, to just the periphery of the distributor. Also replaced the 2 (approx 1") o-rings with left over rings I had collected over the years from rebuilding solex and holley carburetors. They were identical. I'll be firing it up next week. We'll see if it works. If it doesn't no harm done. Rebuilds for your distributor are available for about $500.00 and about a week.

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