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Decisions Decisions

From: Steve  ("Project Delorean)
Date: 23 Feb 2001
Time: 12:21:25


Ok. So Dave's met a girl. Now we have to test him. Dave, you and your new girl are driving (in your D) down a country back road far far from anywhere. You fail to notice a gaping pothole and you swerve to avoid it narrowly missing it with your front wheels. Your right rear wasn't so lucky. POW. You pull over and inspect. The tire's toast, but the rim is fine. You quickly remove and mount your spare (which we'll assume held air) and now are faced with "THE DILEMMA": Since the rear wheel won't fit in the trunk, you now have two potential front seat passengers (your girl and your newly refinnished and powder coated rear wheel) where only one will fit. What do you do? Oh. Did I mention your cell phone isn't getting any reception here and you haven't seen another car in hours? Good luck! LOL Be creative, claiming to have the factory muggage rack is a cop-out! LOL

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