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DeLoreans NOT devalued

From: DeLoreanMan
Date: 22 Jan 2001
Time: 06:13:08


I know some dickwads have said that this site devalues the DeLorean, but it actually does the opposite. It ADDS value to that individual car. If Dave got the car in a bad state, then think of all the skinned knuckles, the oil spurts on his clothes, the hours of WORK he spent (and still is spending) on that car getting it up to scratch, let alone the parts. Being the stepson of a classic car owner myself, I know all the crap you can get trying to get it to work. When you turn a nut too far and strip a bolt of thread, when you spend hours putting something back together to find that you've missed one insignificant but vital little nut or seal. Keep it up, Dave!

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