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Re: dubya dubya dubya dot com

From: Dave Stragand
Date: 07 Jan 2001
Time: 22:56:04


Good to hear from you, Gus!

I had a friend who that happened to... he was riding his own motorcycle through Virginia in 1989 or so, when the "powers that be" decided he fit "the profile" for a drug dealer. They disassembled his bike, sawed open the tank, mufflers, shocks, etc... ripped the seat to shreds... and didn't find anything.

They then handed him back some boxes of parts and told him to get lost. The police don't pay for the damages they cause, and the insurance company didn't want to pay him because it was done by law personnel, and thus 'legitimate' in some way. I recall he had to sue his insurance company to pay for 1) damages to his bike, 2) transportation back to PA, and 3) the lost deposit on his vacation.

I -thought- we had rules about "unreasonable search & seizure", but sometimes they get conveniently overlooked I guess... =(


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