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Re: DeLorean's Devalued

From: DMCVegas
Date: 20 Nov 2000
Time: 19:01:16


Ed Bernstein is nothing more then a frustrated old man who is angry at the whole world because it wasn't willing to cowtow to his ego! He is not the only repair facility, and he is by far NOT the best! I've seen several cars that have been serviced by him. None were in good condition at all. Unlike the other service centers, Ed refuses to further help his customers by educating them on how to care for their vehicles. His insurance policy of keeping people ignorant so they can't repair their own cars plays hell for both potential buyers and other owners like myself. People see these other cars in poor condition and assume that all DeLoreans must be that way. DeLoreans are just not $50K vehicles. And from what I've heard, Ed seems to agree since he doesn't want to pay top dollar for one's that he buys to restore! And yes, I have delt with Ed on both the phone, and have been to D-1 in person. I asked about one of their restored D's, and was handed a long line about how thier cars were better then when they left the factory. But was also told that DeLorean's in general suffered from constant problems such as frequently blown head gaskets (I know, I'd never heard anything like that before either!), and a host of other problems in the cooling and electrical systems. I asked if I could save some money if I purchased a D and then took it to D-1 for restoration. The answer was a rude "No. We don't do that kind of work.". I then asked what the differance between thier cars was as compared to DMC Houston. She avoided the question and then proceeded to state that she was very busy. I asked if I could take a look around the shop and office since I traveled 300 miles. I was promply told no and was asked to leave. So much for customer service. Are DeLorean's devalued? Yes, but not in a monetary sense. Why are they devalued? People like Ed Berstien and D-1. Ed cares nothing about the DeLorean or the people who own them. In my opinion the biggest proof of this is his transport trailer with the "coke" stripe pointed on the side. I and other owners have to field tasteless jokes from ignorant people all the time. None of us should have to put up with that same embarassment from a parts supplier.


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