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Re: Manufactured in???

From: John Dore, Ireland.
Date: 01 Oct 2000
Time: 16:19:57


Hey Dave! First off, great webpage, and best of luck with the rest of this project. I visit your page weekly, hoping that Vixen is a bit closer to completion every time! Also, although this does not need to be said, but that guy who thinks your affecting the value of a delorean is a twit. Then I have a few comments to John, about the "Made in USA" labels for the DeLorean: John, I was hoping you could explain to me why it is a problem for you that the DeLorean was built in Ireland, by Irish workers? Is it something you would feel embarrassed about - driving a car made by Irish people?? And do you think by simply replacing some labels on the car with "made in the good ole' USA" that you can discount all the effort and dedicated hard work Irish employees of DeLorean Motor Company did to produce such a fine car? You said this sticker would be a subtle "reminder"... of what exactly? That the cars were NOT built in America? What were you thinking??? Please respond... John Dore, Ireland. PS keep up the good work, Dave.

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