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Manufactured in???

From: John
Date: 29 Sep 2000
Time: 17:17:26


I'm a big fan of the U.S. workforce, and I try to buy American, when its a product of of good quality. Anyhow, I just thought you should change the label on the car, from made in N. Ireland, to Manufactured in USA. What do you think??? You can alway keep the old one for origainality, but the subtle reminder will stay with the car for the rest of it's useful life (which I hope is a long, long time), and I bet one of the stainless outfits could whip one up for you that mimicks the original label! Just an avid Delorean fan's 2-cents.

By the way, I don't see how your sight could ever de-value the Delorean. I think you have created a car who's value far out surpasses that of Delorean One's (way over-priced) $50,000 reconditioned cars.

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