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Re: Your whole "project" devalues the Delorean

From: Eddie
Email: withheld
Date: 22 Sep 2000
Time: 19:23:52


What Dave has done is very inspirational. He has taken a pile of parts and is building a beautiful car out of them. "By showing this car in the state it is in" gives people knowledge about keeping their own DeLoreans in good condition. He has also showed me that I would like to buy a not-so-perfect Delorean, and fix it up myself.

The DML is not responsible for the low prices DMC's are fetching these days. The car was never a big seller to begin with. There isn't a huge demand for them, some people just don't like the car! Get a clue, most Deloreans available for purchase aren't concours quality.

"You have already spent too much money on this car. You could have bought mine for $30k" What? Hello? Did I miss something? So far it says Dave has spent under $13,000 and he's almost done. It's funny, because I bet his Delorean is going to perform alot better than yours.

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