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Re: Your whole "project" devalues the Delorean

From: Dave Stragand
Date: 07 Sep 2000
Time: 22:09:01


Ahhh... I recognize who you are by your same misspellings from an earlier email to me... even if you 'shyly' don't state your name. Let me debate you point-by-point:

> "By showing this car in the state it is in devalues all Deloreans."

How so? Was it of little value when it was on the assembly line, only partially finished? I would think if someone goes through this much effort to restore one, it must be worth a great deal...

> "Who would want to see a Ferarri disassembled? A Rolls? An Atson-Marton?"

Let me correct you first... Ferarri... Aston-Martin. Next, see above. I still don't understand your logic.

> "Despite what you claim on this site, others who see a DMC in this state will think twice about buying one."

Why? I've had two people who contacted me stating that they've purchased their cars as a direct result of this site. I gave them the proof that it's not an impossible task.

> "Why did you trash this car in the first place?"

I didn't. The previous owner did. That's right on the first page. I don't understand nor condone his actions. IMHO, the guy wasn't thinking very straight.

> "You have no one but yourself to blame for lower resale values on Deloreans."

Ah yes... very true. I set the prices on the world market for all DMCs. <sarcasm, in case you didn't catch it> The DMC has never been, and likely never will be, a $50,000 car. Just because you can't sell yours at that price does not mean anyone else has devalued the car. Simple fact. There are more D's for sale than there are buyers who want them right now. That's what leads to lower prices... supply & demand.

> "Any exotic shown to the public in less than perfect condition is an insult to all the other owners of that model."

Again, I disagree. If you are insulted, my apologies. To be blatantly honest, I wasn't thinking about you when I bought my car, and I really don't care how you feel now. Your own neuroses are your concern.

> "You, along with the DMC-News Internet mailing list are to blame for the low prices DMC's are fetching these days. You have already spent too much money on this car. You could have bought mine for $30k and been a concours winner, but instead you publically embarrass all Deloreans by this site. It should be taken down."

Well, again we see your motivations. You made a poor investment, and are seeking out scapegoats. Try not blaming others for your failed investment, and try spending more time enjoying your car. The best investment you'll get from a DMC is a whole lot of fun. If you can't see that, I really feel bad for you. You're missing the best part of owning a DeLorean.


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