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Your whole "project" devalues the Delorean

From: An owner
Email: withheld
Date: 07 Sep 2000
Time: 11:39:21


By showing this car in the state it is in devalues all Deloreans. Who would want to see a Ferarri disassembled? A Rolls? An Atson-Marton? Despite what you claim on this site, others who see a DMC in this state will think twice about buying one. Why did you trash this car in the first place? You have no one but yourself to blame for lower resale values on Deloreans. Any exotic shown to the public in less than perfect condition is an insult to all the other owners of that model. You, along with the DMC-News Internet mailing list are to blame for the low prices DMC's are fetching these days. You have already spent too much money on this car. You could have bought mine for $30k and been a concours winner, but instead you publically embarrass all Deloreans by this site. It should be taken down.

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